For many families the concept of working with an Independednt Educational Consultant (IEC) might be new,  but many families, approximately 26% of high-achieving seniors in the USA engage an IEC services during the college search and application process in addition to their High School Guidance Counselor.

Why do families need a consultant?

A consultant acts as a guide and an expert in the process, they help reduce the stress and understand what is required in the process of applying to  US Universities. The consultant acts as a guide through the application process and has insight having visited many universities. US College Connect helps students manage time and energy with efficiency – from thinning down your list of schools to streamlining paperwork. We also ensure that application essays are in line with what college admissions committees are expecting.
No Independent Educational Consultant can guarantee admission (and if you meet any who do promise placement to specific colleges, approach them with extreme caution). However, US College Connect can ensure that your student is presented in the best possible light and, more importantly, is applying to schools that are a good fit for his/her academic strengths, talents, and career ambitions. Students and families often find this “perfect match” aspect to be the ultimate value in working with a professional college consultant.

My child has learning issues and we don't think that college is really an option for my child. so why bother?
Students with learning difficulties, disabilities and/or even average academic performance can benefit from attending college the important thing is to find the right fit and college can be an option for those students. US College Connect offers an initial pre-consultation to review each student’s potential opportunities fully and completely, with the personalized attention that you and your student deserve. In the US, it is mandated by law that students with learning disabilities will be given accommodations to level the playing field.

Are educational consultants agents of certain university or college admissions committees?

Absolutely not. (Again, if you meet a consultant who makes this claim, proceed with caution.) The value of US College Connect lies in our ability to see the “big picture,” to determine what schools want and what students can deliver and then make the right connections. While colleges will occasionally send admissions advisors to visit high schools, it is important to understand that they are not there to provide individualized guidance. Rather, they are there to create excitement for and gauge the interest of students wishing to apply to their representative universities. US College Connect will help you and your student decide which schools are the best fit and then develop a strategy for the strongest application possible.​