Deb Wheeler

Services and Packages

All Inclusive College Guidance Package
The All Inclusive College Guidance Package offers support and guidance through the entire college process. The consultant time to work closely with the student and family to create an individual plan.
This package is the best option for those families who have already made the decision to apply to a US university or college as it provides a comprehensive package of services necessary to complete the entire application process.

Preparation of the “College List” Package
US College Connect undertakes extensive research of over 4000 US colleges and universities to create a list of possible institutions which meet and broaden the criteria set by the Client.

 Application Assistance Package
This Package is designed for those Clients who have already made their college choices but need assistance with the college application process. 

 Hourly Rate  
Suitable for a client  who may want to explore the US college process without a larger financial commitment.

Hourly Rate Package
Clients have the option to commit in advance to a package of 10 hours and for each 10-hour package you receive an extra 90 minutes of college guidance. 

Please contact for more details about the different packages details and pricing.

Disclosure US College Connect can not guarantee admission into any College or University but aims to help identify suitable colleges to which students can apply and then how to optimally present themselve throughout the application process. US College Connect does not receive any form of compensation or reward from any College or University in the US for referring students to their programs. US College Connect strives for integrity and independence to ensure its consultants are free to focus 100% of the energies on working with  students and their families to ensure they achieve their goals and objectives.

Deb Wheeler

The founder of US College Connect  

Deborah Wheeler – founder of US College Connect 

(B.A. Dip.Ed. M.Ed. UNSW, M.Sc.Ed.Admin. University of Kansas, IEC Cert. UC Irvine, Member of International ACAC) 

US College Connect assists Australian students through the US university/college application process. Deborah has extensive experience in education having taught in state and private schools in Sydney as well as the University of Kansas. Deborah visits Australia regularly to speak to students about the opportunities that exist from them in the US.