Deb was invaluable in the quest to find the right university and to navigate unfamiliar waters.  Deb was a wealth of information and resources, both in the US and at home.  She also kept us constantly appraised of deadlines and formats, and then urged us to stick to those which in the HSC year was so important with all the pressure that year brings.  Deb truly cared and when the offers, and scholarship letters came in was as excited as us.  I do not think I could have done this without her and certainly wouldn’t want to.Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.

I can not speak highly enough of Deb and US College Connect. Deb's knowledge of the US education system is amazing. She sourced tutors for my son for the ACT exam process, and put together a list of the potential colleges he should apply to. Deb was in constant contact with Aiden and made the complex seem achievable. My son got into the college  of his choice and a very large part of that outcome is due to Deb and US College Connect.

Deb - words cannot express how grateful I am for your help. The process was huge and scary and at times seemed so impossible, but your guidance and unwavering belief that I could do this never failed and I can’t thank you enough for that. Truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. 

Deb helped my son to secure an offer to one of the best US schools, his first choice of university course. She was extraordinarily thorough in her research and advice; everything from visiting the university to understand their criteria and decision making process and stakeholders, to helping with ACT/SAT prep and trial tests, to reviewing his applications and providing advice, to helping keep him on track. Applying to the US university education system is both complex and competitive, as US students are preparing years ahead of their high school graduation and Australian applicants find the system so unfamiliar and much more complex than our system. Having Deb as an advisor to help navigate through the US college application system is extremely valuable.

We met Deb at my sons high school, Deb was doing a talk about colleges in the US.We had no idea how to start the process of applying . Deb helped us form  beginning to end and was extremely helpful in all of the processes, Deb was in constant contact with my son making sure he was working on all the elements needed to get to acceptance at his chosen college. My son is now at USC and enjoying college.